What is SalesTPV?

TPV.com, an industry leader in third-party verification services for businesses nationwide, now offers SalesTPV. Leveraging our expertise, we offer multiple solutions for energy, telecom, cable and satellite professionals to put in place as the last step in the sales agreement process.

Sales (Sales Agreement) + TPV (Third-Party Verification)

We work with each client to create customized scripts that our professional TPV agents use to verify that your customers have received and clearly understood their sales agreement and agreed with your terms and conditions. These interviews help uncover any ambiguities and affords the company to clear them up before the finalization of the sales agreement. Every call is recorded and archived and provides a strong defense against costly and time-consuming lawsuits, government fines and baseless claims.

Our extensively trained TPV agents are trained to handle calls with precision in accordance with individual client specifications. We ensure that all scripts comply with company, state and federal regulations.

To put it simply, we get their word on it.

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