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Protecting Consumers and Companies since 1997

Verifications Performed
  • A signature won’t always assure mutual understanding and agreement between two parties entering into a contract
  • Third-Party Verification uncovers ambiguities and confirms a clear understanding to guard against potential contract disputes
  • is now standard practice for companies nationwide that regularly enter into agreements with individuals

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Our Vision

To make our service standard practice for every company that enters into agreements with consumers.

Our Mission

To protect our clients AND their customers using our technology and our talent to verify their agreements. In doing so, we help them improve communications, eliminate ambiguity and resolve disputes quickly. adds a new layer of protection in the relationship between companies and their customers.

More than a simple contract signature, it is an engagement and response for each key term and condition of the agreement.

Communication and transparency are cornerstones of good business.

Despite the best efforts to communicate ALL relevant information clearly, there is often a misunderstanding somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, simple misunderstandings can grow into customer dissatisfaction and frustration that can ultimately lead to major problems or, in some cases, formal proceedings. By documenting the terms and conditions of the agreement with your customer, recordings serve to eliminate ambiguity and the potential for misunderstanding between companies and their customers.

The burden of proof is on you, but you can protect yourself.

Third-party verification (TPV) is the most secure, effective and valuable protection for your business, shielding you from burdensome fines and stifling litigation. is exclusively dedicated to supporting the efforts of businesses, their partners, and customers across the nation. has been providing third party verification services for over 19 years and operates TPV call centers in Tulsa, OK, Tahlequah, OK and Las Vegas, NV.